6 Reasons You Should Use Agency Time Management Software When Your Staff Work

15 Jul, 2021

Working from home is something that many of us have had to get used to since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many people have found it more challenging to use their time correctly when working in their own home rather than in an office.

If your staff have been struggling with managing their productivity when out of the office, agency time management software can help make them happier and more effective employees when working from a home office.

What is Time Management Software?

Here at Pegasus, we have carefully designed software to assist your Australian agency with time management. Everyone has off days where they have trouble staying efficient, and it is even harder to keep on top of tasks when you are working from the comfort of your own home. By utilising our system, your staff can stay on track to meeting deadlines, manage their time spent, analyse their productivity and much more.

Need more convincing? Here are six reasons your staff will benefit from using our software:

1. Efficiently Manage Labour: Using timesheets, you and your staff will be able to see which tasks need to get done and which tasks have already been completed. The time taken for a task to be completed is also available for you to view, allowing you to monitor your resources better and reassign employees to different tasks as necessary.

Optimise your employees’ skills where they shine. You can assign workers to tasks they can complete faster and identify employees who might need more training in specific areas.

2. Stay On Track: Our time management software is cloud-based, which means that you will be able to view your data from different devices – including your staff’s home computers. Cloud-based data storage is ideal for staff working from home, as they can easily see and update the information on the system. That way, you can ensure your employees work collaboratively and stay on track and assess how projects are progressing.

3. Track Billable Hours: When you’re running an agency, you know that collaboration is the name of the game. With Pegasus, you can supervise tasks as they are being worked on, allowing you to oversee billable and non-billable hours with ease. You will be able to properly account for all billable hours, making life easier when it comes to finance management and identify how you can better optimise your processes.

4. Get Detailed Reports: Because your work information is constantly entered, updated and saved into our system, you will be able to get detailed reports on how your staff is doing. You will be able to track progress and accurately supervise your team, even when miles apart. This information is handy when planning your company’s strategy, whether you are considering adopting a more flexible model or looking ahead at directions for the new financial year.

5. Manage Leave: Your staff will conveniently be able to apply for leave when they need it. Save your HR department’s time and allow them to focus on the essential issues while boosting employee satisfaction from our convenient system.

Efficiently managed staff are happier and perform better, no matter where they are working from. Let us assist you and help your team stay on top of their tasks and maximise your potential with Pegasus – New Zealand’s leading time management software.

Just contact us at +612 9906 4133 to learn more. We’ll help your agency thrive – in or out of the office.

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