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Struggling to track media campaigns across your various businesses? Pegasus offers you a one-stop solution for all your Digital Media Management needs.

What Can I Do With Pegasus?

Digital Media Management
With over thirty years of industry experience, we’ve been helping agencies worldwide streamline their processes. That’s why all our software is designed with industry best practices in mind. When you choose us, you’ll reduce the time your agency spends on operations and focus instead on delivering the best results to your clients.

Here are some of the key features our software offers:

All-In-One Data Management

Discover the ease of having all your media bookings brought into one convenient place. Access your data at all stages of the process, and streamline your media management by producing supplier booking advice, material instructions, cancellation notices, and more.

Seamless Integration

Pegasus makes it easy to review booking data from within our software. That way, you can effectively manage diverse clients and campaigns from a single platform.

Real-Time Functionality

Our systems allow you to conveniently enter invoices and bookings as planned and update them as required. What’s more, you’ll get real-time updates, so that everyone using the system, including your clients, receives the same information.

Accounts Payable Reconciliations

With our software, you can handle both client billing and supplier payments. This will provide you with efficient and accurate reconciliations and payments.

Commission Splits

Working with other Agencies? Pegasus allows you to easily add commission splits to your invoicing process, which are then easily handled in the background

Comprehensive Inquiries

Drill down from reports to source transactions, allowing you to resolve issues on the fly. Pegasus retains historical data as long as you require, and provides real-time reporting, making it easy to tend to issues both old and new.

Multi-Currency Compatibility

With Pegasus, you can easily carry out billing and payments in different currencies thanks to our multi-currency inputs.

These are just some of the many incredible benefits you get when you use Pegasus. So are you ready to switch to Australia’s best digital media management software? Just give our friendly team a call at +61 2 9906 4133 and discover the change for yourself today.

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