Communication is Vital

13 Nov, 2020

Communication is Key

Communication is key for a new software implementation.

It’s critical to discuss and encourage engagement from within your team about the changes that will be coming to the organisation.

To ensure buy-in to the changes, effective discussions between the decision-maker and the rest of the team on the reasons for the new software implementation.
This requires clear communication around the benefits the software can bring to the team and what it means to them in real terms.
Regular communication is vital to keep the team up to date with the process.
It is also important to remember that different people prefer different forms of communication, and thus, various methods including email updates, team meetings, demonstrations, and videos.


Generate a Time Plan for The Implementation:

As with all large projects, having a timeline is important.

With software change this is no less a priority, thus you need to execute a timeline with the software provider. This helps end-users to monitor progress, see key milestones,  understand implementation and integration work.

Furthermore, it will create a more organised workflow for both partners in work completion and prioritisation.

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