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5 Tips to Increase Productivity for Your Creative Agency

23 Apr, 2021

Creating a productive, efficient work environment can often seem like a complex and time-consuming process – when in fact, it is as simple as following a few simple steps to integrate certain aspects of your practice.

Implementing an intelligent and proactive software system will consolidate your creative agency’s projects and media to make your information shareable and user-friendly for your clients. Doing away with spreadsheets and email threads and consolidating computer files will centralise the communication of your agency and will provide your team with a clear and job-centric interface which will improve the quality of your client’s experience. 

We have compiled our top 5 tips to ensure you are facilitating a streamlined creative agency that works seamlessly and productively with clients.

1. Get Rid of Spreadsheets

Making the switch to digital methods of record-keeping is the way of the future. Creating spreadsheets for clients is a waste of time and resources for your business. Instead of continuing email threads and countless spreadsheets, opt for your work to be accessible on a software system that is customised to your needs and cohesively syncs the most important aspects of your workplace. This way, your work is accessible on tablets, mobile devices and computers so any drafts, notes or editing will remain in one place. and is accessible to parties involved, regardless of where they are.
Making the switch from spreadsheets and emails to a custom software platform can be easy and stress-free when you are working with an experienced team of software engineers. Using software specifically designed for creative agency’s will allow your workplace to adapt its practices, ensuring productivity is improved and communication with clients is seamless.

2. Consolidate Computer Files

Standardising the organisation of your creative agency’s files will allow your staff to work more efficiently throughout several different projects and will ensure files are separated and consolidated for optimum security. Job management software systems are your best option for guaranteeing your working platforms are user-friendly and designed for your purpose.
Digitally consolidating your computer files with customised job management software will provide your creative agency with a productive and efficient system of communication between staff and clients. Making files shareable and accessible on a secure platform will not only create an open channel for collective collaboration but will ensure optimum security and protection – no more missing files.

3. Implement Job Management Software

Implementing job management software is a great way to digitise your work and delegate tasks across the team on one single platform. Job management software will enable your business to:

  • Manage tasks.
  • Track employee performance.
  • Show employee availability.
  • Detail employee’s schedules.
  • Allow your entire team to communicate with each other.

Staying up to date with your campaigns by keeping track of numbers, client meetings and evolving projects will ensure the entire team is on the same page and working cohesively.

4. Centralise Communication

Investing in a multi-platform software system that centralises communication between your employees and their clients will improve the productivity and quality of your creative projects. Using project management software that is designed to promote relations between users will ensure everyone is having their say and work is completed cohesively.
The ability your creative team has to share ideas with each other, and clients will have a massive effect on the quality of their final product. Using software that is designed with communication as its focus will ensure projects are managed and constructed with precision and maximum efficiency, also ensuring the work is accessible to parties involved, regardless of where they are.

5. Keep Freelance Talent on Hand

Using job management software to communicate and liaise with your freelancers will ensure they are fully briefed on the work you are contracting to them. Making files digital and shareable enables your creative agency to enlist even more specialists for your projects.
Having a wider net of employees will give you greater specialisation for a wider range of tasks, making your agency more resourceful and productive for your clients. Software systems that manage your projects will enable you to share and communicate clearly and concisely, getting your freelancers up to speed quickly. The investment of a user-friendly and secure job management system will increase your team’s abilities for a variety of tasks and will further their capabilities for consolidated workloads.

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