5 things you need to know about Pegasus

11 Jun, 2020

Here’s the thing. We have helped dozens and dozens of advertising and media agencies around the world, through the years we’ve been around. In fact, if we tried to calculate the number of hours we have saved CFOs and owners, or determine the extra money we have helped agencies make through improved efficiency and lower mistakes, or even tracked the number of timesheet hours entered, the numbers would be staggering. And whilst these numbers would be impressive, the truth is, without a gauge for comparison, it would be hard for you to determine, just how much value we could bring your agency. So instead, what we wanted to do, was give you 5 top-line facts you should know about Pegasus. , or providing

1 – The Power of Converting Transactional Level Data

One thing we hear often by agencies considering the switch from another solution to Pegasus is that they will need to wait till the new financial year so data can be entered fresh and nothing is missed. See the thing is though when you switch to Pegasus, we help you migrate all data at a transactional level onto our platform, meaning from the get-go, you have all the power and information you need at your fingertips. There is no need to wait and no sashaying between two platforms. But best of all, there is a single source of truth for all your financial data, allowing you to leverage the power of the platform – instantly.

2 – It’s all about Partnership

Remember the days when you would install software to your server or machines and there was a steep learning curve and massive user guides to wade through? We do too, and we hated them, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that once you make the decision to partner with Pegasus, that we are there at every step. From helping convert your data, to setting up dashboards,  or providing you with tutorials and booklets, all the way through to helping you with Power tips and ongoing support, we have a dedicated account service team, ready to help you. You are never alone with Pegasus.

3 – Countless Configuration Options

Ok, yes, you could count how many there are, but the thing is, Pegasus is engineered to be highly flexible. Whether you are looking to integrate the platform with other dedicated agency software so you have fewer friction points and more efficiency, or are looking to configure your reports and dashboards in a certain way that is specific to your needs, Pegasus has the ability to get it done!

4 – A Total Agency Solution

As much as configurability is important, we know that an efficiency and reporting solution has to help the whole agency if it is to be truly effective, not just the finance team. We have developed – and continue to – a powerful suite of modules, each of which is designed to both works intuitively with the others and to be integral and valuable elements for all aspects of agency life.

That is right, we have developed a tool that has the potential to greatly improve agency operations. After all, how insightful is a financial report if it is not capturing all elements from within. As such, with Pegasus, you can expect timesheet capture, job management, estimation and invoicing tools, resource allocation, communication and much more.

5- Ongoing Updates and Developments

Today’s world moves too fast to rest on your laurels. That is why we have a dedicated in house team working continuously on updates and new releases. In fact, we are set to release our biggest update in years in September this year. Codenamed Pegasus Edge, this update will greatly improve the way you interact with the platform, provide you with greater flexibility and offer you even more power.

If you are keen to learn more about how the Pegasus solution could be changing the way you run your agency and improving your Financials; or even if you just want a reminder on the ways you could improve your use of the system, then let’s have a chat. Get in touch with one of the Pegasus team today.

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