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Are you finding it difficult to know whether your resources have been efficiently allocated? Is jumping between multiple different platforms taking up your team’s valuable work time? When you choose Pegasus for your resource management software, you’ll find all the tools you need to automate your agency’s operations in a single, convenient place.
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We’ve been offering businesses resource management systems for over thirty years, with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide. At Pegasus, we are dedicated to consistently improving and refining our services. That way, we can ensure that we’re bringing you tailor-made offerings designed to tend to all your business’ needs.
Wondering what our systems can offer your agency? Simply read on to find out more about the functionalities we offer:

One-Stop Resource Planning

Don’t worry about switching between multiple different platforms, opening yourself up to security risks and necessitating numerous log-ins. With Pegasus’ resource management software, save your employees’ valuable time with a single, one-stop-shop for all your management needs.

Our platform allows you to create new assignments, manage and allocate resources, and plan new tasks, all in one, convenient place. What’s more, our software also allows you to manage finances and HR resources, too – that’s all your business’ operational needs taken care of.

Easy Schedule Modifications

With a fast drag-and-drop experience, Pegasus makes it easy to reschedule and reassign bookings. Zoom in and out to view your team’s assignments and project portfolio, and get broad overviews of operations at a single glance.
If you’re looking for the flexibility you need to keep pace with the fast-moving business world, you’ll find it with our resource management software.

Rescheduling Simplified

With Pegasus, you can schedule and reschedule bookings with a single click. Few other software systems offer such convenience.

Allocate Resources With Ease

Our platform allows you to allocate multiple tasks to team members based on availability. Get an easy, immediate overview of how resources have been dispersed and see who has been under- or over-utilised with a single glance. This will help you track utility and assign new tasks accordingly.

Configure Billables, Costs, and Leaves

Configure daily availability, billable hours, and leaves in advance all from our convenient, one-stop platform. Keep things running smoothly and avoid conflicts with Pegasus’ resource management software.

Clear Communication

Clearly communicate project priorities with team members across all verticals. Keep everyone informed and in the loop, and ensure that tasks are proceeding as they need to.

Cloud-Based Server

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are when you use Pegasus. Manage weekly schedules and projects from any device or location. This is especially useful if you have staff working remotely, or teams spread internationally.

Detailed Reporting

We create comprehensive reports, generated by the minute. Stay updated on what’s going on within your business with useful, real-time insight and foresight.
If you’re ready to see how our resource management software can improve your business’s efficiency and productivity, simply get in touch with the friendly team at Pegasus. Give us a call at +61 2 9906 4133, and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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