How We Work

Meeting Your Requirements

Our job is to deliver results beyond our clients’ expectations. We begin by understanding your company structure and automation requirements, then delivering the software that is customised to fit your company’s needs.

Seamless Integration

During the installation, our technical and customer support team is present on-site to ensure your company’s smooth transition to Pegasus Systems. We have expert trainers who walk you through the software, explaining each tool, and helping you and your employees master the processes.

Data Migration

Migrating your data from other systems is crucial to a successful transition. Pegasus is built for compatibility, and we convert and migrate your entire database to Pegasus so you can continue from where you left off. We also have strict data protection measures in place to ensure your data remains secure. We use offline servers to migrate your data from one system to another. This eliminates the risk of a data-breach during processing.

Client Support

Our relationship does not end here. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you have regarding the software. We are also available to discuss and implement any minor or significant changes to the software.

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