How Pegasus Systems Helps You Run Agency Remotely

10 Sep, 2020

By now you may have forgotten the route to your office. But adjusting to the “new normal” is somehow challenging, knowing the fact that many of our daily work processes were established when working from the office.

Running your creative agency remotely has brought new challenges. It became difficult to work in a team as before, meetings about projects became scheduled digitally and walking to your colleagues’ desk to get a sense of what was being worked on is no longer possible.

That is why a completely integrated agency software like Pegasus Systems will assist your agency’s functionality and profitability regardless of whether you are working from home or the office.

In this blog, we will be discussing the importance of a complete agency software system with remote capabilities, and why Pegasus Systems can assist your agency’s functionality regardless of how big or small your agency is.

Furthermore, we will show you some of our favourite features that Pegasus Systems have to keep your teams connected and on top of your projects.

  • Visibility over your internal operation

Time tracking tools are essential to maximize your agency profitability. If you are having a super productive day it can feel like it’s getting in the way, and if you’re having a tough day, time tracking can serve as a reminder of how little you’re getting done. Despite controversies surrounding the issue of an increasing number of agencies using time tracking software to significantly improve productivity, balance budgets, automate and optimize work it has shown that time recording works.

Employees of your agency need to have flexibility and freedom of work. Making them follow complicated procedures related to tracking time may limit their creativity. That is why you need a simple, non-invasive, and visually appealing software. With Pegasus System software not only does our platform pack all the features you want for time and job management, it has other integrated functions which improve efficiencies, such as time entry.

  • Importance of Job Costing/Profitability while working from home

The long-term profitability and health of the agency rely on the management team effectively determining how profitable each client is. And within that Client how profitable each job is. This improves the decision making on which type of work to undertake, this will ensure future proposal and estimates will be more accurate and ultimately identify which clients are profitable.

To get this accurate, you need to pay attention to job costing. This will effectively ensure that your business is profitable and will remain that way regardless of whether you are working from home or the office. Within the creative and Marcom’s industry, your major costs are likely to be staff related.

A successful job schedule requires proper processes and software. Here at Pegasus Systems, we have built a strong job cost system that integrates seamlessly with the Finance module and other processes such as tracking budgets and costs as they are incurred. Creating an effective system includes identifying jobs by numbers and type, and the ability to appropriately code costs.

  • Ongoing Updates and Development

Today’s world moves too fast to rest on your laurels. That is why we have a dedicated in-house team working continuously on updates and new releases. In fact, we are set to release our biggest update in years in October this year. Codenamed Pegasus Edge, this update will greatly improve the way you interact with the platform, provide you with greater flexibility and offer you even more powerful tools.

If you are keen to learn more about how the Pegasus solution could be changing the way you run your agency and improving your Financials; or even if you just want a reminder on the ways you could improve your use of the system, then let’s have a chat. Get in touch with one of the Pegasus team today.

Final Thought

As much as configurability is important, we know that an efficient reporting solution helps the whole agency if it is to be truly effective, not just the finance team. We have developed – and continue to develop – a powerful suite of fully integrated modules, each of which is designed to work intuitively with the others and to be an integral and valuable element for all aspects of agency life.

That is right, we have developed a tool that has the potential to greatly improve agency operations especially if you are working from home. After all, how insightful is a financial report if it is not capturing all elements from within the Agency. As such, with Pegasus, you can expect timesheet capture, job management, estimation and invoicing tools, resource allocation, communication and much more.

At Pegasus Systems, our focus is on helping Marcomms Agencies to improve their software systems, especially in these times. If you would like any insight, please Contact Us.

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