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How Agency Management Software Helps With Increasing Productivity

29 Sep, 2021

Any growing business knows the importance of using the right tools. Agency management software can help your agency deliver better outcomes for your clients faster and more efficiently. That, in turn, can help build you a reputation as a provider of reliable results, driving future growth for your company.

How does management software for an agency achieve such results? The main driver of these is the boost it offers your team’s productivity. In this article, we’ll talk about several key productivity benefits creative management software can offer your agency:

Better Time Management

Anyone who has worked in the creative field knows that it’s an area where time is of the utmost importance. Your agency is likely to have multiple clients and projects you need to manage simultaneously, severely restricting the amount of time you can allocate to individual tasks.

That’s why it’s critical to efficiently plan, organise and track how long your work takes. Agency management software can help you track the time you spend in detail. With Pegasus, you’ll get real-time updates on how your projects are going. No more worries about losing track of time.

You’ll be able to use your data to assist your management’s decisions around planning and prioritisation. Identify what work is the most profitable and what’s taking more time than it’s worth. Spot roadblocks before they become major issues and identify where processes need to be changed.

Improve Resource Allocation

With the restrictions on time your agency faces, and only so many staff members to allocate to different responsibilities, adequate resource planning is essential for your company’s success. When you’re under pressure to deliver on projects to tight client deadlines, agency management software can be a crucial asset in ensuring that your resources are working to your required outcomes.
With Pegasus, you’ll get better control over every aspect of project management, from timelines to budgets to delivery. Ensure that you’re allocating the right team members to the right tasks and enjoy the flexibility of reassigning resources if things aren’t working out as they should be.

Our job management tools even allow you to generate estimates and orders right from briefs. You’ll be able to get the creative team into the studio quicker and your results out that much faster.

Get More From Your Finances

Streamlining payments, managing cash, better budgeting of time and cost – these are just some of the numerous financial tools that Pegasus can provide your agency.

Adequate revenue is vital to your agency’s success. Without financial resources, you won’t be able to afford the labour, expertise and equipment you need to take on larger clients and perform exceptional new creative achievements. But finance is a complex, multifaceted part of any business, and it can be a real challenge to manage.

That’s where agency management software can help. With tools like Pegasus, you’ll be able to get detailed, real-time information about where the money’s coming and going. We even make it easy to generate professional looking invoices. It’s a fantastic one-stop tool for end-to-end financial management.

As you can see, agency management software can transform how you do business. You’ll be able to iron out roadblocks in timelines and budgets, keep track of resources and spending and optimise the efficiency and quality of your work.
Here at Pegasus, we’ve provided excellent agency management tools to creative firms for over 35 years. Would you like to learn how our software can help you boost productivity and get better results? Get in touch with our team at +61299064133 and see why our clients trust us to equip them with the tools they need to create great campaigns.

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