Pegasus Systems & Float Resource Management Integration

Float Integration

8 Dec, 2021

Resourcing made easy.

We’re committed to making Pegasus a complete, fully integrated business solution for our valued agency clients.

We know this includes expanding on our comprehensive job management capability in Edge to include a set of resource management features that make scheduling your team’s time faster, easier and more efficient, helping you to keep your jobs on track.

So, we’re excited to announce that our new integration between Pegasus and Float is now available.

What is Float?

Float is a world-leading resource management solution for agencies, studios, and teams.

Since 2012, Float has helped over 3,000 of the world’s best teams, including BuzzFeed, Hulu & Deloitte, plan their projects and schedule their team’s time.

Key features include:

  • Resource scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Capacity management
  • Multi-project planning
  • Forecasting & reports

How does it work?

Developed in collaboration with a cohort of pilot agency clients, our custom-built integration between Pegasus and Float has two key features:

1. Syncs and shares essential people & project data in real-time from Pegasus to Float, including:

  • Selected staff members
  • Approved leave
  • Selected jobs
  • Estimated hours

2. Allows your team members to log their job-related time directly in Float where the tasks are allocated to them, and then imports those timesheets into Pegasus on a daily basis.

Save time. Stay in sync.

Sharing people & projects from Pegasus saves you time and helps you stay in sync. We have several pilot agencies using the integration already and they love how quick and easy it is to schedule time in Float and get their projects moving!

Single-click timesheets.

Your team’s timesheets are pre-filled with tasks taken directly from your Float schedule. They just verify their hours, hit “Log”, and they’re all done. No excuses for missing timesheets!

Eliminate the guesswork.

Report on your team’s utilisation and project progress in real-time. Create accurate forecasts based on entered and scheduled time to improve utilisation and predict the success of your projects.

Ready to revamp your resourcing?

Please contact your us for more information regarding Pegasus cost and implementation of the Float integration.

To find out more about Float’s pricing, please visit their website.

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