One Green Bean

Since One Green Bean (OGB) opened it’s doors in 2007 the team have worked with Pegasus to leverage the system to maximise the efficiency of the agency and recently collaborated to deliver a innovative resourcing solution to suit their business model.With ‘scope creep’ and the potential to ‘over-service’ an ever present problem in any agency, OGB and Pegasus developed a tool that enables the team to monitor resources for each client and job before any hours are actually incurred, to better manage the expectations of what can be delivered in the time provided. This tool is now central to the working of the agency, demonstrating how a thorough understanding of our client’s needs can translate into tangible benefits to the efficiency and ultimate profitability of the agency.OGB are now expanding their brand globally with offices in Sydney and London and remain a strong advocate for not just the system, but more importantly the first-class services provided throughout the support and development team.

One Grean Bean

One Green Bean

The Pegasus unique resource monitoring tool helps OGB manage client delivery expectations every day.

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