Are Your Timesheets Being Recorded on a Separate Software Platform

19 Aug, 2020

The topic of time tracking in agencies is becoming more and more popular, despite the controversies surrounding the issue. But the number of agencies using time tracking software is increasing. Not without a reason. The right tool can significantly improve productivity, balance budget, automate and optimize the workload.

You can go with a simple timesheet. But, with many team members and a lot of pending tasks, something is bound to go wrong.

Whether it is managing the budget or the time, you need to have a reliable system to keep the project in order.

This is where timesheet software plays an important role. It can help allocate tasks to employees, track time spent, keep track of billable time to charge customers, be the basis to create invoices, and keep track of time related expenses.

Employees of agencies need to have flexibility and freedom to work. Making them follow strict procedures related to tracking time may limit their creativity. That is why you need a simple, non-invasive, and visually appealing timesheet software.

Completing timesheets is a challenge in all agencies, but Pegasus can make it as painless as possible.

  • Intelligent – Pegasus remembers the jobs you are working on, job tasks that have been allocated to you and prompt you to use the cost centres that you have been allocated.
  • Real-time – Timesheet entries are updated to the jobs and Resource Management when entered, so the hours on any job are always up to date.
  • Customisable – Enter timesheets from your daily or weekly calendar view or simply complete a task that has been allocated to you, this will update your timesheet.
  • Retainer time – Pegasus allows you to record your time on jobs, as well as record your time as retainer time, enabling you to analyse and justify the retainer hours at Client retainer review times.
  • Reminders – For those who get behind in their timesheets or their timesheets are incomplete, Pegasus automatically sends email reminders.
  • Detailed Time reports – Reports by Client, Staff Member over selected date ranges.
  • Leave Management – Apply for and authorise leave within the system, which in turn updates resource availability.
  • Utilisation – Report on staff billability, job time, non-job time, chargeable, non-chargeable time, and administration time. Report by hours worked, actual staff cost or charge out rate.

Pegasus Edge is nearing completion.  The exciting part is we are working to add more utilisation to this web-based version of our software, allowing users to understand their business intuitively and quickly.  Our goal is to make Pegasus Edge the industry-leading software tool which will ultimately improve decision making and allow financial professionals in Agencies to transmit key intelligence to those who need it when it is required.

At Pegasus Systems, our focus is on helping Marcomm Agencies to improve their systems and as a result, their financial performance and cost-saving. If you would like any insight on how we can help you, let’s have a chat.

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