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Choose a life partner for your Agency

6 Nov, 2020

No Agency would want to invest with a technology vendor but would rather work alongside a technology partner. 

When you are ready to introduce new software to the organisation, it is important for the technology partner you are selecting to provide a proven track record of the solution you need, you would also need to check their team on how well and experienced they are with the software implementation, this can assure you they can understand the industry and are fluent in agency best practice.

When it comes to large-scale change, humans, let alone companies often find the process daunting. And if the staff has never implemented a change of magnitude before (such as switching financial platforms) then there can be many problems:

  • People don’t know where to start
  • Staff often fail to develop an implementation plan
  • There can be issues with exporting and importing data
  • Developing accurate timelines can be hard.

As such, when it comes to large financial platform change, we have seen time and time again the benefits of partnering with us over choosing a vendor or online solution. Whilst online guides can be great, there is no substitute for a partner who has a track record, who has a proven implementation plan, and who knows how to extract the right information and utilise it correctly to get the new system up and running.

Asking for customer references is a great way to improve the qualification process. Asking for references can give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a prospective partner has dealt with the whole process and what their support model is if you need aftersale help. After all, you would want a partner who is there as your agency grows; a company there for the long haul, not just for the sale


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