5 Reasons An Agency Should Track Head Hours

5 Reasons An Agency Should Track Head Hours

5 Aug, 2021

As the saying goes, time is money. When it comes to running a productive agency, keeping track of your time and how effectively your employees are using their hours can be incredibly crucial. When your agency is efficient, effective and fast, clients are more likely to be satisfied and return for more.

Using agency management software, such as the one we provide here at Pegasus, you can conveniently manage all of your staff and projects. Using this management software, you can also track your employee’s head hours.

So, what specific reasons should you think about when deciding to track your staff’s working hours? As it turns out, there are many points that you should be aware of! In this article, we will give you five great reasons to stay on top of your employee’s work hours – so keep reading to learn more!

Why Should An Agency Track Their Staff’s Head Hours?

In general, it is a good idea to keep track of every part of your agency. If you want your business to work like a well-oiled machine, you will need to ensure that every aspect of that machine is working efficiently and as intended. Therefore, keeping track of your staff’s head hours is very crucial.

So you know just how vital it is to track your staff’s working hours, here are five reasons that you should be aware of:

1. To Make Sure That Time Is Being Used Efficiently And Effectively:

If you are aware of how your employees are spending their time, you will be able to see and know how efficient they are being. When you can visualize how each member of your staff uses their hours on what projects, you can see exactly how well your agency is working.

This will also allow you to identify any problem areas so you can remedy any possible weak points before they grow into massive issues.

2. To Be Able To See When And What Projects Are Taking Too Much Time:

When you utilize time management software, you will be able to stay on top of your various tasks and projects. This way, you will also be able to track which projects are taking too long to complete and are becoming a problem for your staff.

If you notice that a particular task or job is not being completed on time, you can manage your staff and choose different employees to help finish the task. So, these complex tasks will be able to be taken care of in a timely manner.

3. To Keep Everyone On The Same Page And Boost Team Productivity:

When you track head hours using Pegasus’s job management software, all of your employees will be able to see their timesheets and jobs. They will be able to quickly and conveniently collaborate with other members of the staff on projects and tasks.

When all of your employees are on the same page and are aware of what everyone is doing, they are more likely to be more productive and cheerful as a team.

While there are various other ways that a job management software can boost productivity, tracking hours is one easy way that you should strongly consider doing.

4. To Create Accurate Estimates For Specific Jobs:

Because you will be able to have a record of when jobs were completed and how long they were worked on, you will know the average amount of time it takes to complete certain types of jobs.

So, if a client asks you for an estimate on how long a specific project will take, you will give them an accurate estimate based on past work.

5. To Optimise Which Of Your Staff Works Where:

When you can see who is working on which tasks and how long they are spending on each job, you will recognise specific individual’s strong points and weak points. This way, you will be able to assign staff members to projects that fit their specialties.

Therefore, people who match specific tasks will be able to utilise their skills, and overall, more projects will be able to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

How Can An Agency Easily And Conveniently Track Employee Head Hours?

Now that you know the benefit of tracking your agency staff’s head hours, are you ready to start using agency management software? After all, if you choose to not use management software, manually having your employees track all of their hours themselves or enter time in a separate software package could bring the possibility of human error, not to mention that it is also time-consuming!

Here at Pegasus, we are happy to offer Australia’s agencies a convenient and easy-to-use job management software that is sure to make your lives easier! If you would like to learn more, request a demo of our software or if you have any questions you would like to talk to us about, don’t hesitate to contact us at 02-9906 4133 to get in touch.

At Pegasus, we are the leading creative agency management software in several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States Of America and more! So when you use our software, you are using a program that is trusted by many.

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