13 Key Features Your Job Management System Needs To Have

18 Jun, 2020

During our thirty-five years of experience, and in working with various agencies – regardless of their size – we’ve witnessed that a fast-paced environment like a creative agency can struggle without having a job management software integrated within its various departments. Our job-centric interface simplifies managing resources and timelines from concept to billing real-time. Creative and Studio briefs, Estimates, Orders, Timesheets, WIP Reports, Document Management, Resource allocation and planning all in one place. 

In this article, we will discuss some important job management features that can improve the handling of your projects/jobs at any given time through our single source of truth software.

Link a Job to a Client

  • Within Pegasus, all clients are allocated a client number and each product is allocated a product number or division and jobs entered and linked to these client products.

Job or Project Types

  • Project or job types determined by the agency or added when there is a need, these project or job types align with the business’s client base and individual job types e.g. Digital web radio Press TV.

Account Executive – Project Manager

Project manager allocation is by way of drop-down from an edited list that the agency creates, this also includes account executive.

Client Contact

Client contact can be the client contact associated with the original setup of a client or this can be edited within the job by creating a new contact and email address for the estimate to be attached.


campaigns can be created to collate different job numbers and different job types if a campaign is spread over several Job – Project types.

Estimate or Quote on the Job

  • Estimate or quote on the job can be done by way of templated estimate that the Agency has created or free flow.
  • They can be more than one estimate on a job a revision number is given to each new estimate.
  • Estimate statues can be open, released, approved.
  • Once it is approved this is linked to the job and shows in the Job Cost page for comparison.

Purchase Order Link on the Job

  • Orders automatically generated from approved estimates linked to the job.

External Supply Cost Recorded on the Job

  • External supplier invoices can be recorded against the purchase order.

Individual Time Recorded on the Job

  • Individual staff or resource using timesheets can be recorded directly to the job.

Multiple Currency generated

  • A currency table can be administered by finance with right changes through maintenance.

In scope or Outer Scope

  • In-Scope jobs are where an estimate has been given for the total job.
  • Out of scope jobs are on a time and cost basis.

Cost recovery vs Cost Control

  • Cost of recovery type of jobs is invoiced to the client.
  • Cost control jobs are internal to the business and maybe in-house jobs or new business pitching.

Mark-up or Growth Margin

  • Job mark-up can be across the agency, across the client, across a brand or division of the client, or on the individual job.

Tax Code or Billing Purposes Invoicing

  • Codes for standard, exempted and zero-rated.

Reporting and processing requirements

  1. Invoicing or Billing – to estimate, to actual
  2. Job Profitability
  3. Client Profitability
  4. Ability to review in real-time for variations to estimate/quote (Job Cost Overruns)
  5. Resource or Staff productivity by tasks allocated

Our goal is to make our software a tool which ultimately improves decision making and allows individuals to transmit key intelligence to those in your organization who need it. At Pegasus Systems, our focus is on helping Marcomms Agencies to improve their systems and as a result, their financial performance. If you would like any insight on how we can help you let’s have a chat.

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